Granada and Southern Spain

Southern Spain is beautiful, unforgettable, and I loved all of the places I visited.  At the top of the list is Granada.  Nomadic Matt’s travel blog on Spain gives great tips on the top things to do while there.

The architecture and culture is ancient and exciting so there is much to see.  The geographic backdrop, and mountains, remind me a little bit of home in Southern California as well!  If you’re younger I would absolutely recommend a hostel like they do in his blog.  They are cheap, clean, and very convenient.


The Alhambra

The top things to do:

Visit the Palace:

Make sure you get inside the palace as well as roaming the exterior.  I have a million pictures of my time at the Alhambra, and, in my opinion, this is some of the best Moorish/Islamic architecture that you can find in the region.  Parts of the palace are unbelievable, and where it’s situated, within the mountains, rivals some of the best European castles that I’ve been to.

Mirador De San Nicolas:

Sunset, sunset, sunset.  Did I say it enough?  Make sure you get there to view something that is right out of a James Bond or Indiana Jones movie.

The Sierra Nevada Mountains:

They are the tallest mountains in Europe.  You have to hike those mountains!  Make sure to make a day trip out of it and join one of the many hiking tours.  You won’t regret it!

The Cathedral:                 

The cathedral is spectacular with it’s Spanish Renaissance architecture.  Dating back over 500 years, make sure you take time to climb the stairs to the top for view of the entire city.


This area reminds me more of Tunesia and parts of northern Africa than anything else.  If you can, try to take a guided tour of this area and enjoy the ethnic foods ranging from Tapas to other international cuisine.


Flamenco is dramatic and vibrant.  I would share this experience with a significant other along with a bottle of local red wine.  There is nothing like it and the passion and power of this cultural tradition, that continues today, will get your heart pumping.

San Jeronimo:

Visiting this monastery inspired me as a young author to write about the modern versus ancient world. Enjoy the experience, the beautiful paintings, and impressive stained glass.

In addition to Granada, I would recommend visiting Seville and Cordoba during your time traveling the region.  All three cities have unique culture and charm.

Tony Bilby

Some food tips as well!

Uber and Business

Once thought of as a passing fad, Uber has grown roots and taken hold. Now a full-blown means of mass transit,  Uber has given the centuries-old Yellow Taxi a run for its money. In just a few short years, Uber now accounts for 41% of the total ground transportation all over the world. With more affordable prices, the ability to make your own hours, and no overhead, Uber is recruiting drivers faster than they are getting people to their destination. But what new service is Uber offering its business clients?

regarding UBER


Analysts attribute the rise of ride-hailing services to several factors. Chief among them, Uber is usually cheaper. Prices, however, aren’t the only contributing factors to Uber’s rise. On average, Uber riders are ranked very highly on online forums, where Taxi drivers languish near the bottom. This is not to say that Taxi drivers are notoriously mean, but the experience of hailing a ride from Uber’s free app cuts so much hassle out of a trip that they naturally appeal to the consumer.

Uber has become the go-to for business professional looking for a ride. The business of renting cars and waiting for Taxis is a dying, and quickly. Uber, along with their drivers are too free to handle their business. Uber represents the millennial-side of business, the freedom afforded by modern technology and the willingness to be your own boss. How could any Taxi service compete?

Holiday Travel Tips



The holidays are upon us, and the flurry of flights and family trips means that airports and roads are clogged with traffic. Oftentimes, airlines will increase the price of their most desirable tickets, ensuring that you pay the price when visiting your family. But what are some ways to beat the holiday price hike? How can you turn holiday stress into a way to save some spare cash? Below are some quick tips to ensure that your money goes to your family and not the travel agent this season.

Flexibility: During the holiday seasons, it’s important to avoid traveling before or immediately after the holiday in question. Ticket costs spike on these days because airlines know how eager families are to see each other, and then to escape when the initial charm has worn off. Be flexible when setting your holiday travel schedule. This means that spending the holidays with your family either a little before or after the actual date can save big dollars.

Bundle Up: Though it might be cold where you’re traveling, I do not mean to layer up. The more you can group together when organizing your vacation, the better. A flight bundled with a rental car and hotel can save you hundreds if done correctly. Don’t be afraid to invest a little time in your price hunting. Your bank account will appreciate the extra effort.

Air Miles: Did you know that thousands of airline miles go unused every year? Don’t be afraid to break open your cache of free flights and use them during the holidays. Some credit card customers don’t know that with each swipe, they’re accumulating miles that could save them even more. Failing to take advantage of such an excellent program will only cost you money and frustration.

Following these tips will guarantee a happy holiday if travel is in your midst. For more information on useful holiday travel tips, click here.

Travel Without Fear

In light of the recent and horrible events of Friday the 13th, many are reconsidering traveling outside the borders of their native lands. In a world where borders are becoming more like dividing lines than simple demarcation on a map, do we choose to venture beyond or stay within the relative safety of the familiar? Below are some ways to combat the ever-growing sense of unease that comes with travel, and remember that the world was meant to be seen, not feared.

Be Aware: You’d be surprised how many people arrive at unfavorable conclusions because they didn’t take the time to familiarize themselves with where they were going. It’s not enough to purchase a ticket and pack a bag. A smart traveler does research on where they are visiting if there are any dangerous elements, and how to avoid them. This goes for anywhere you can visit, from Colorado to Columbia, so keep a level head.

Be Understanding: Though it’s pertinent to be aware in this day and age, the same can be said for being understanding. Assuming that everyone around you is a potential threat will only ruin your vacation and weigh heavily on your mind when you should be relaxing. Keep this in mind while traveling. You may not have control over what goes on around you, but you can certainly manage your reactions.



Be Realistic: While the attacks in Paris were utterly deplorable, it’s important to be realistic when traveling. Statistics show that, at least in the United States, you are more prone to catch a stray bullet from an act of gun violence than be involved in an act of terrorism. Now, I’ve listed this as the third thing to remember because the above two are vastly more important. Statistics cannot replace alertness and will not substitute understanding, but they can offer some sense of truth in a time of concern.

Regardless of where you choose to journey, be safe. The world has been many things over the years, but one thing that never faltered is it’s beauty, and we owe it to ourselves to see as much of our home as we can.