Travel and jobs of the future?


Jobs of the future!

I often contemplate what future jobs will be like in 50 to 100 years or if humanity will even last this long.  The answer, with our damaging effects on the planet and general decline into the abyss, is probably not.  If, however, we do last this long, it’s interesting to see what people might be doing with themselves, work wise that is.

Let’s take a look at what Mary Ellen Slayter has to say about those potential future jobs:

  1. Chief productivity officer:   This is logical.  A person at the top of the food chain understanding data and analytics that provide direct information about the business and what the business is doing.
  2. Excess broker:  So the idea of monetizing idle assets sounds interesting to me.
  3. Drone manager:  As discussed, Drones will no longer be novel, but everywhere.  So, a fleet manager, or someone who manages this ever-evolving fleet would be a welcome resource within an organization.
  4. Air traffic control for the private sector:   This seems similar to when the first cell towers were being built and you had people focusing on how to best contractually break in and manage this new infrastructure.  Similar business for drone fleets.
  5. Medical mentor:  Personalized medicine is already here. I’m sure it will become even more specialized in the future.
  6. A mechanic for self-driving cars:  I think this will be more of a computer technician than a mechanic.  Interesting to see how this evolves as the gas/coal industry continues to choke the world when we know alternative energy and propulsion has been available for decades.
  7. Autonomous transportation:  I view this as more of an air traffic controller/project manager for all the different ways people will leverage a technologically advanced transportation system and how they integrate into their personal net.
  8. Personal medical interpreter:  More of the same.
  9. Human technology integration expert:  This makes sense.  There will be an array of technology advancements to choose from and it may take a while to filter through what’s best.
  10. Wholeness mentor:  Like a personal trainer and nutritionist of today.
  11. End-of-life coach:  Always good considering the baby boomer generation.

Tony Bilby