California crazy energy costs!

As a Californian I cringe turning on the air conditioning in an attempt to keep my family comfortable during the hottest months of the year.  Will my monthly bill top $600+ for a single month?  It seems ludicrous that just by running the air conditioning the energy companies absolutely gouge the consumer.

Isn’t there a better way?  Why is California power so expensive?  Why isn’t solar taking off?  I ask these fundamental questions as I turn down the temperature gauge in my home.
Unfortunately Californian’s pay 60% more than the rest of the country for residential, industrial, and commercial power as discussed in a recent article by Environmental Progress:
Why would new companies building infrastructure or business owners ever come to California?  It doesn’t make any sense.  So, the average American consumer who pays huge taxes in California to begin with, pays 60% more and I guess the idea is that by the average consumer paying more then this is paving the way towards renewable energy?  Nope, I seriously doubt that.  In fact, I’m confident the energy companies are pocketing profits and just making people pay more.
In a way it’s a wealth transfer.  Those that can afford solar, pay for it, and indirectly raise the price of utilities for those already suffering that can’t afford it.
Why would the power companies embrace solar?  They won’t because it’s a threat to their very existence:
A solution needs to be found.  In fact, America should be leading the charge in renewable and alternative energy sources.  We have to.  I see the potential birth of an entire world and economy that marries green technology and energy together, but we have to bring down the monopolies that control it all.  It’s going to require nothing short of a revolution to make that happen.  I hope that day comes before climate change and the end of the world draws nearer.
Tony Bilby