Uber and Business

Once thought of as a passing fad, Uber has grown roots and taken hold. Now a full-blown means of mass transit,  Uber has given the centuries-old Yellow Taxi a run for its money. In just a few short years, Uber now accounts for 41% of the total ground transportation all over the world. With more affordable prices, the ability to make your own hours, and no overhead, Uber is recruiting drivers faster than they are getting people to their destination. But what new service is Uber offering its business clients?

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Analysts attribute the rise of ride-hailing services to several factors. Chief among them, Uber is usually cheaper. Prices, however, aren’t the only contributing factors to Uber’s rise. On average, Uber riders are ranked very highly on online forums, where Taxi drivers languish near the bottom. This is not to say that Taxi drivers are notoriously mean, but the experience of hailing a ride from Uber’s free app cuts so much hassle out of a trip that they naturally appeal to the consumer.

Uber has become the go-to for business professional looking for a ride. The business of renting cars and waiting for Taxis is a dying, and quickly. Uber, along with their drivers are too free to handle their business. Uber represents the millennial-side of business, the freedom afforded by modern technology and the willingness to be your own boss. How could any Taxi service compete?